Brittany and her Bo picked the perfect dog to go with their bubbly personalities. Ollie is the cutest King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. I first met Ollie at my table at the LIC flea market. the little guy his face planted to the ground looking for anything to snack on. With his big eyes and […]

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Miss Sadie

  I don’t have many encounters with Giant schnauzers so when i met Sadie i was completely blown away how majestic and regal she looked. Saw her over my table at the LIC flea market. With her long black beard and her  pointy ears i was hoping her owners requested a portrait. Sadie’s owner originally […]

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  I had the pleasure of meeting Sammy at the LIC flea market. Sammy is the sweetest, little golden Pomeranian mix. It was written all over Rachel face how much she adored her little fur baby. Sammy is a rescue and found the perfect home. These two were a match made in heaven. Rachel loves […]



McBear is an 8 year old Exotic Shorthair. His face is impossible not to fall in love with. He loves watching birds, and chasing the evil red dot (cat toy).  He also is known get very hangry; He will intensely beg for food. McBear is currently fighting fungal infection, one of the many ailments prone […]

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Stryker is such a gorgeous cat! If I didn’t already have two of my own I would definitely adopt a Siberian. Other than tan and deep brown his coat had so many reflected colors in it. I completely got carried away with this portrait. I love painting but the love I have working in color […]

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Alex is all bark and no bite! Best alarm system anyone can have. He is always on the alert to see who is in every room; closed door or not he’ll find his way in. Such a snuggle muffin though beware he’ll start whimpering the minute you stop stroking him. Alex has such a huge […]

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Miss Loretta

Miss Loretta was such a pleasure to paint. From her soft eyes to her petite snout this pup is one adorable little lady. Check out her adventures on Instagram @missesloretta

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Rufio is one big ball of energy and love. Such a sweetheart, I used pastel colors to match the softer side of his temperament. He loves snuggles and long conversations.

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