2016-03-11 15.06.58

Stryker is such a gorgeous cat! If I didn’t already have two of my own I would definitely adopt a Siberian. Other than tan and deep brown his coat had so many reflected colors in it. I completely got carried away with this portrait. I love painting but the love I have working in color pencil doesn’t compare. I love manipulating pencil to look like paint; the least to imitate it. I like to leave the integrity of the pencils so there are certain scratchy strokes in this portrait. I follow this crafty critter on Instagram; Going through his photos I can tell he sure loves his family. With his soft eyes he is very affectionate and has a little (big)  obsession for boxes. He likes perching on top of the bed post or kitchen counter to be closer to his pet humans. The minute you go on his Instagram you will get lost in his pictures and just fall in love with this brilliant creature. So please get lost! ♥



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