McBear is an 8 year old Exotic Shorthair. His face is impossible not to fall in love with. He loves watching birds, and chasing the evil red dot (cat toy). pusheen1 He also is known get very hangry; He will intensely beg for food. McBear is currently fighting fungal infection, one of the many ailments prone in Exotic Shorthairs. His mom is using fungal cream for treatment. Keep fighting the good fight little guy!♥

McBear also has a younger sibling called Judge. Judge is a brown and tan Ragdoll with gorgeous blue eyes. I’ve been following these beautiful creatures for little over a year now. Going through their pictures i can tell they are so loved. Their mom even installed a camera to keep an eye on them when she is at work. Ragdolls and exotic short hairs are known to be the ultimate snuggle muffins and these fur pals are the perfect examples.♥sleeping beauties


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