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Why not treasure them through the years with an original artwork?

IMG_5099I’m Ashley Ayala. I’m nestled in Bedstuy-Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been practicing art for 12 years. I Work with oil paint, watercolor, ink, and color pencil on a variety of different surfaces. I create custom portraits of animals; dogs, cats,  birds, and more from photographs and life.  Having four legged friend to share your life with is a blessing. It’s a special bond on;y a pet lover can understand. They are the irreplaceable piece to our lives. I strive to capture the unique personality in every pet. I believe nothing is more expressive than an animal’s face. I like using different colors you wouldn’t normally see with the naked eye. I feel rich colors illuminate the spirit of every animal; The more the better!

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cropped-dsc_00082.jpgWhen I’m not creating, I dog walk and pet sit around New York. I’ve personally handled 70 different breeds of dogs including exotic breeds like the Leonberger and the Berger Picard. I’ve walked dogs of different sizes around Midtown,Greenwich Village,  Park slope, my own neighborhood and many more. I worked for independent dog walking companies and doggy day cares. With that experience, I’ve become proficient in dog handling 101 and handling dogs off leash in large packs. I love animals and the joys that come with being active with them. Dog walking and animal care has taught me the beauty of living in and savoring each moment. My art gives me the tools to convey those perfect moments we share with the animals we love.





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